The Pepper Pod: A Retreat Centre for Women Veterans

Building a stronger community of women veterans by encouraging a healthy and supportive transition out of the military and RCMP.

The Pepper Pod: A Retreat Centre for Women Veterans

Building a stronger community of women veterans by encouraging a healthy and supportive transition out of the military and RCMP.

Welcome to The Pepper Pod

Nestled in the scenic Gatineau Hills in Chelsea, Quebec, The Pepper Pod is a retreat centre that serves, supports and inspires women in the Canadian veteran community—including women veterans, soon-to-be veterans and spouses of veterans.

Our mission is to connect women in tightly knit tribes that support one another as they navigate life’s adventures as a veteran. We serve our community by creating programs specifically designed for women veterans and give them an opportunity to connect through a multitude of events throughout the year.

Building a vibrant community of strong women

The Pepper Pod was founded by Sandra Perron—Canada’s first female infantry officer and best-selling author of the memoir, “Out Standing in the Field.” Her mission? To build an inspirational community for women veterans.

Sandra was drawn to the lush forests of Quebec, drawing inspiration from the trees who lean on one another for support through stormy weather.

Sandra has created a safe and welcoming environment that empowers women to shape a fulfilling life after serving in the military.

What is Pepper Podding?

In the military, to “pepper pod” means to cover your team while advancing toward an enemy. That’s what we do here. Transitioning out of the military can be an extremely challenging mission. Through our programs and events, you’ll become part of a tribe that bonds over shared military experience, navigating the transition to veteran status together.

LifeshopTM I

The Pepper Pod’s signature Lifeshop™ program is a safe, confidential and powerful weekend retreat for women veterans, soon-to-be veterans, spouses of veterans and military spouses (women). You’ll gain practical resources and invaluable support to facilitate an effective transition—even if your release was many years ago.

Find your tribe.

Love them hard.

LifeshopTM Graduate stories

It has given me tools and thought processes to analyze and evaluate what is important.

I have the ability to draw out potential options and not limit my logical mind. – K

I have added to my tribe.

I am able to see more possibilities. My cup is full of love as I leave here. This weekend granted me the gift of simply being present, being me. Filled with gratitude…thank you. – S

I feel so ready for this next chapter of my life now.

I hadn’t realized that having a support system could be so crucial in being healthy, and even alive! After just one weekend, I can honestly say that I love these women like sisters. Wow. – J

This retreat helped me think differently, using positive language, and mind mapping.

I have a new support system – an amazing female tribe that I was desperately craving. Visualization. This experience has been the most incredible enlightenment of my life. It came at a time when I needed it the most.  – L


Our programs are tailor-made for women veterans, from our signature Lifeshop™ programs to No Agenda Weekends and Wonder Woman Wednesdays.


Join our vibrant community by attending an event. There’s always something fun brewing at The Pepper Pod!

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge that The Pepper Pod is situated on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Algonquin people. We recognize and respect the enduring presence and contributions of the Algonquin Nation to this land. We extend our gratitude to the Algonquin people and honor their connection to this territory. As we gather and engage in our work, we aim to uphold the principles of reconciliation, understanding and collaboration with Indigenous communities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace and champion diversity and inclusion. Every individual, regardless of their background, deserves to be respected, valued and included. Our team aims to create an environment where diverse perspectives are celebrated, and everyone feels welcome and supported. Through our programs and events, we aim to foster understanding, promote equality, and contribute to a more inclusive community.