In Celebration of International Women’s Day!

Women are naturally and uniquely poised to help other women throughout life. We pass on generational wisdom on everything from how to use menstrual hygiene products, breastfeeding and menopause hacks, to establishing boundaries, overcoming adversity and healing a broken heart. So why don’t we do more of this in the workplace?

Being our best allies, champions, cheerleaders, confidantes, and friends will propel us to a new era of making place for each other at the business table. I’ve been blessed to witness this happening and I wanted our special International Women’s Day edition to reflect this theme: women championing women.

A good friend of mine, Louise Mercier, once highlighted that I had a superpower: an ability to surround myself with amazing humans. The following are but a small sample of the incredibly strong, inspirational, and empowered women with whom I get to connect.

Long live strong women!

(And aren’t we all?)

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International Women’s Day Flipbook Edition

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Note: Articles are published in the language of the organization or individual.

  • In Celebration of International Women’s Day!
  • Ad Astra Stables – Larissa Brown
  • Veteran Farm Project – Jessica Simpson
  • Women Warriors Healing Garden – Erin Kinsey & Elaine Waddington

  • Veteran’s Elite Canines – Cindy Weir
  • Women Rock – Empowering Women Veterans
  • Through the Power of Music – VETS Canada
  • Women’s Mentoring Network Canada – Amanda Kalhous

  • Rosemary Park – Servicewomen Salute
  • Nurse Next Door – Kathy Litalien
  • Herbal Maker – Nancy Livingstone
  • Diaki Experiences – Christine Carignan
  • Breaking Boundaries: Women Leading the Way in Disaster Response – Helen Lialias

  • Trailblazing Towards Equality: Camp Courage’s Inspiring Journey – Andréa Speranza

  • Veterans Affairs Canada – Women and 2SLGBTQI+ Veterans Team Manager – Tanya Wiltshire

  • Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) – Julia Scouten

  • Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation – Corine Watier Lorenzetti & Susan Dabrowski

  • Leacross Foundation – Roslyn Burn
  • The Legion Foundation – Sam Laprade
  • Quebec Veterans Foundation – June McCabe
  • Lockheed Martin Canada – Lorraine Ben
  • The Pepper Pod
  • Upcoming Dates at The Pepper Pod
  • Registration Opening Dates