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A Message from Rosemary Park, Founder of Servicewomen’s Salute:

Welcome back! We are thrilled to be able to gather again at this year’s Servicewomen Aspire and Inspire event.

This event is focused on bringing together the community of servicewomen, women veterans, and supporters.

Inviting servicewomen, women veterans, and supporters to three exciting days!

True to Canadian Armed Forces’ values, Servicewomen Aspire and Inspire is a bilingual event (hosted in both official languages: EN and FR). All attendees, presenters and supporters are welcome to speak in whichever language they feel most comfortable. Materials will be provided in both official languages for all main activities over the three days.

Thursday & Friday: Choice of 2 half-day interactive workshops, sit-down lunch, Indigenous Drumming Ceremony, Meet and Greet, 2-day digital story recordings, Community Expo of local services, Servicewomen & Arts walk-around, Wall of Servicewomen’s History, World Map of Servicewomen exhibitions, Formal Reception and Dinner & Musical performances!

Saturday: Fall Rhapsody Colours Bus Tour , available with individual ticket purchase (only 70 spots available)

Tour includes: Women Warriors Healing Garden, Pepper Pod Women Veterans Retreat Centre, Lunch and Final Farewell.

This is our occasion to enjoy and I look forward to seeing you,

Visit our website for more information on activities: https://www.swsaspireinspire.ca/aspire-inspire