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Ottawa Dragon Boat Race

June 24 - 26, 2022
Sign up to be part of our Pepper Pod team!

Let's paddle together at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Race, (and through life too)! 
The Pepper Pod will be forming a team for the Ottawa Dragon Boat Race! We need 16-20 women paddlers, no experience needed, and a few back-ups to come have fun with us. If you are interested in joining the team, please let us know by June 3, 2022.
Step 1: Find out more
Go to this link and learn all about the race. Note that the race is on June 24-26. https://dragonboat.net/info/faq.aspx 
Step 2: Where do I sign up?
Just email our Pepper Pod Paddlers Team Captain, the amazing Cheryl Bush (tomboybycheryl@aol.com), and she will send you an email invite to join through an online registration system.  
Step 3: The Admin Stuff
The Pepper Pod will pay the registration fee for the team. There is no other fee for this event. Of course, you are encouraged to get additional sponsorship to raise funds for the Dragonboat Race Charity. 
Step 4: Hit the Water!
We will receive two FREE practices with a qualified coach in June, before the festival. Dates to follow. Additional practices may be booked through the Rideau Canoe Club or the Ottawa River Canoe Club. 
Step 5: Paddles Up!
Our Pepper Pod Paddlers team will race two 500m races on Saturday, June 25th. On Sunday, the top teams will compete in three additional races - 200m, 100m and 500m Grand Final. 
Let's show the world what women from the veteran community can do. Most of all, let's have fun!!! 

I have added to my tribe. I am able to see more possibilities. My cup is full of love as I leave here. This weekend granted me the gift of simply being present, being me. Filled with gratitude...thank you. – S