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Army Run

Sunday, September 17, 2023

It’s almost Army Run Time in Ottawa!

In-Person Date: 17 September 2023
Virtual Date: 8 September 2023

We welcome everyone in the Pepper Pod extended family to join our team – children and families included!

We won’t be running in formation 😉 so you can be a radical runner, gentle jogger, whimsical walker or even push a stylish stroller. You choose the distance too.

Participants are responsible for their own registration and fees. 

To join the Pepper Pod Army Run Team – go to ArmyRun.ca and register. 
Team Name: Le/The Pepper Pod.
Team Code: Pepper2023

More info to follow as the big day approaches.

A special shoutout to the dedicated, Chantal Charron – Thanks for the great idea and for leading the charge!

I have added to my tribe. I am able to see more possibilities. My cup is full of love as I leave here. This weekend granted me the gift of simply being present, being me. Filled with gratitude...thank you. – S