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Why "The Pepper Pod?"

"Pepper Podding (also Potting)" is a military manoeuvre designed to cover one's buddy while advancing on the enemy. Life's big transitions, such as leaving the military or the RCMP, can be quite a challenging mission and The Pepper Pod was created to help women veterans contribute to this buddy system as they face their "enemies". Come Pepper Pod with us!

Our Mission

The mission of The Pepper Pod is to build a stronger community of women veterans by:

  • Providing an opportunity to connect with a unique network of women
  • Developing committment to friendships and mutual support
  • Encouraging a healthy and supportive transition out of the military and RCMP
  • Sharing lessons learned about life, health, transition and healing
  • Finding a tribe to help navigate through life's adventures 


The Pepper Pod's mission is rooted in the belief that women from the military and RCMP community all share a unique cultural experience that can be valuable as they transition out of those careers and share these experiences with other women.

I have learned so much about myself doing this retreat. My past will no longer be holding me back from being successful in the next chapter of my life. Sandra is an exceptional leader, an inspiration to all of us military women. She has proved to us that healing can only take place once you have control over your own life. Long live strong women! – K